About Bechstein Pianos

C. Bechstein of Berlin, are the largest piano makers in Europe with extensive factories in Seifhennersdorf, Germany for the construction of C. Bechstein pianos, in Czech town of Hradec Králové (formerly Königgrätz) for the manufacture of the W. Hoffmann pianos and from 2013 the new Zimmermann instruments which are designed by C. Bechstein and made in China.

http://www.morleypianos.com/public/media-manager/79.jpgCarl Bechstein started making pianos in 1853 and achieved remarkable success as piano maker to European Royalty including the Kaiser and Queen Victoria as well as for musicians and composers from Debussy to Schoenburg.

Many early Bechstein pianos continue to give great pleasure to their owners and are treasured family possessions passed down for generations.

We keep a selection of the most frequently chosen new instruments for immediate delivery. Other models and specifications from the extensive range are available to order, we also stock and restore second hand Bechstein pianos.

Bechstein produce a very large range of splendid pianos made according to the traditional principles using trademark Bechstein construction and design with the benefits of new technology in the new and substantially larger German factories.

C. Bechstein Grand Pianos and C. Bechstein Upright Pianos

C. Bechstein Grand Pianos and C. Bechstein Upright Pianos are the result of over one hundred and fifty years of continuous development and refinement and the ultimate of musical quality.

Fabulous masterpieces for the highest demands, the ideal sound of many pianists worldwide. The perfect action renders every nuance. Unsurpassed excellence.

Can be supplied in standard finishes :Black / White / Walnut / Mahogany / Cherry

Or ask about Satin and Special Finishes

Or go to http://www.bechstein.com/en/download-a-catalog/ and download PDF for C. Bechstein Concert,  C. Bechstein Academy or W. Hoffmann

To go to the Bechstein website click www.bechstein.de to open a separate window to this

Please enquire about prices and availability of :

  • Vario silent system
  • Inlays / Special finishes / Satin finishes
  • Classic finish available on models : L-167, A192 (M/P 192), B-212 & C-234
  • Chippendale style available on models L-167 & A192 (M/P 192)
  • Chrome hinges & pedals available on all models
  • School fittings for uprights

Bechstein Vario Digital Mute System (Silent System)

The new Bechstein Vario Digital Mute System gives double joy with your acoustic piano. What is often called the Silent System on the market is the "Bechstein Vario Digital Mute System" for C. Bechstein all brands and models. This gives you two instruments in one. The Bechstein Vario Digital Mute System is available for all new uprights and grands made by Bechstein in the Bechstein manufactories.

Available factory fitted on C. Bechstein Concert, Residence, Academy and W. Hoffmann.


W. Hoffmann Grand Piano and W. Hoffmann Upright Pianos

W. Hoffmann was originally based in Berlin and has now been relocated by Bechstein to Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic providing European pianos of very high quality to directly compete with the best from the Far Eastern makers in price.

European Quality Upright and grand pianos for beginners to professional pianists. Made in Europe by C. Bechstein.