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C. Bechstein "Imposant" A124At Morley Pianos we offer a friendly welcome with straight forward and knowledgeable advice. Clearly marked prices offer the best value on a wide selection of pianos including antique pianos, new pianos and second hand pianos. Pianos on display at our London workshop showroom include grand pianos, modern and traditional style upright pianos, square pianos and very occasionally fortepianos

We we are dedicated to offering a complete range of quality new and secondhand upright and grand pianos to suit everyone from beginners or those returning to the piano to professional pianists, teachers, children, adults, students, schools, colleges, churches, faith groups and venues with all types of piano from small upright pianos to concert grand pianos and priced from good value inexpensive instruments to Germany's finest

All our upright pianos and grand pianos are checked by our dedicated workshop team to ensure the best touch and tone. We recheck tuning, toning and voicing before they leave for their new homes, and pay particular attention to key easing and levelling, dampers are checked and adjusted as required to minimise the opportunity for minor problems such as sticking keys.

You can view and play any piano and should you wish the pianos can usually be played to you for those who do not play themselves or wish to hear the instrument from a distance or from a different perspective.

Elysian 157cm grand pianoThe first question to ask is do you want a upright piano (a piano with a vertical sounding board and strings) the modern ones range in height from approximately 108cm to 131cm tall or a grand piano (a piano with the strings on a horizontal harp-shaped frame; usually supported by three legs) which can vary from 143cm to 275cm long.

A full compass modern piano is 88 notes (7 ¼ octaves)

Alongside the new upright and grand pianos by C. Bechstein, Grotrian-Steinweg, W Hoffmann, Monington & Weston, Ritmuller, Weber and Elysian we offer an excellent range of restored antique and modern pianos including top makes like Bechstein, Grotrian-Steinweg, Steinway, Bosendorfer and Bluthner, we have full workshop facilities to restore and overhaul early keyboard instruments and pianos to the highest standard whilst adopting a conservative approach to restoration retaining authenticity and integrity. Other makes of affordable second-hand pianos we stock include Danemann, Chappell, Challen, Bentley, Knight, Brinsmead, Welmar, Kawai, Yamaha, Zender, Kemble, Broadwood, Steinbach, Waldstein, Petrof, Euterpe, Zimmermann and many others.

We stock the following makes of new pianos :

Monington & Weston - a fine old English name established in 1858 offering particularly good value. Originally makers of highly decorative instruments frequently with elaborately carved casework. The current upright pianos and grand pianos are well made modern instruments suitable for central heating.  New Monington & Weston pianos are sold only by and through Robert Morley & Co. Ltd., made in China.

Elysian - our Brand name for high quality, reasonably priced upright and grand pianos, which we have made for us and which are finely finished, regulated and tuned in our factory. Now made in China these were originally made by Young Chang in Korea.

Monington and Weston 120cm traditional upright pianoBechstein of Berlin Europes largest internationally famous German owned maker started production in 1853 and we have been agents for over 100 years. High quality upright pianos and grand pianos with a full round tone and even touch. In the Bechstein group, now Europes largest piano makers, are : C. Bechstein from Germany and W. Hoffmann from Hradec Králové, Czech Republic and Zimmermann upright and grand pianos, designed by Bechstein, incorporating European quality standards it is made under the supervision of C. Bechstein, all Zimmermann instruments fulfil stringent quality management criteria.

Grotrian - Steinweg of Braunschweig - established in 1835 the piano manufacturer GROTRIAN is family-owned and currently in the fifth and sixth generations, in 2015 they were joined by a new shareholder in Parsons Music Group, (also family-run business with headquarters in Hong Kong, founded in 1986). together they manufacture a wonderful range of high quality upright and grand pianos, noted for the powerful clear and even tonal quality.  Grotrian-Steinweg is certificate »Made in Germany« by BVK e.V., the Association of German piano manufacturers.​ 

Weber part of the Young Chang group made in the Young Chang factory in China. These pianos are made with spruce soundboard, hard maple pin board, cutting agraffes, hard maple Young Change premier action, soft glide fall when possible, Young Chang premier bass strings and German Rosleau wire.

Ritmuller are made exclusively for the UK by Pearl River in China, the largest piano maker in the world. They have endeavoured to capture the spirit and soul of the European tone which is ideally suited to both contemporary and classical musical styles. Mountain grown spruce and European wire for the treble and bass strings made in the European tradition producing a light and responsive piano to be enjoyed by all.  The sand cast iron frames, (as used by traditional premium makers), gives better sound transference.

Second hand upright pianos and grand pianos - We specialise in fine restored modern and antique pianos including Bechstein, Grotrian-Steinweg, Steinway and Bluthner. We provide full workshop facilities to restore and overhaul pianos and early keyboard instruments to the highest standard of restoration whilst adopting a conservative approach to retain authenticity and integrity.

Workshop view, lots of pianos to playShould I buy new or second hand ? Pianos range widely in price and this will depend on a number of factors including age, make, style, size, finish and if it is an upright piano or grand piano. A good restored piano from a quality maker can cost more than a modern new or nearly new piano as restoration can be expensive as it is labour intensive. Older pianos made before 1960s can be more sensitive to modern central heating. Pianos for beginners should have an even touch (not too heavy or too light) and pleasant tone (not too bright or too mellow) and come up to concert pitch. An old unreliable piano will not encourage a beginner. The practice pedal is popular for those wanting to make pianos quieter, this will only be found on upright pianos made after the 1970s.

For those not ready to buy a piano we also offer an excellent selection of upright pianos and some grand pianos on our piano rental / hire scheme for the home, this is for a minimum of six or twelve months, terms and conditions apply. For schools and other educational establishments please ask about our educational piano rental / piano hire option. The piano rental / piano hire agreement and forms must be completed on the Robert Morley & Co. Ltd. premises. We have been offering a home rental / hire scheme for you to try before you buy for over 40 years, this has enabled us to see how our pianos perform long term in the home environment and help you choose the best piano for you. Terms and conditions apply.

Interest free credit facility (England only) available with one third of the price as a deposit and the balance divided into ten or six equal monthly payments by bankers standing order. Terms and conditions apply

For details on sales price lists please call on 020 8318 5838 or e-mail us.

Export Orders - Quotations for packing, insurance and freight are available on request. Payment must be made in full before dispatch.  

Alternatively for Export packing, shipping, documentation and insurance we can put you in direct contact with our shipping agent, we will supply dimensions, weight and details as required and they will supply you with prices to ship by sea or air. If shipment is outside Europe VAT would be refunded once we receive the Certificate of Export for instruments purchased from us.

C. Bechstein model L 167cm grand pianoSpare Parts - for early keyboard instruments, strings, tuning hammers, metronomes, hygrometers, castor cups and other sundries are available by mail to both the UK and abroad.  Please ask for current spare parts list or see Piano sundries or EKI Sundries.

Part-exchange we will consider taking your old piano (or early keyboard instrument) in part exchange for a new or different upright piano, grand piano or early keyboard instrument (harpsichord, clavichord, spinet, virginal or square piano). It would be helpful if when you want us to consider part exchange you have a photograph of the instrument to show us plus the serial number. In some cases the instrument may not have any value and a charge for removal and disposal may be applicable.

Tuning, maintenance, repair and restoration options are also available to keep your piano in the best condition possible or return a family treasure to its former glory and maintain your piano in the years to come.

Insurance pianos and early keyboard instruments should usually be listed as separate items on your insurance policy, we advise you to check the single article limit and keep these values up to date.

Guarantee : New acoustic pianos are made to the highest standards and backed by a 5 year Robert Morley & Co. Ltd. guarantee which incorporates the manufacturers warranty. This guarantee covers structural failures but excludes failures caused by misuse, accident, neglect or fair wear and tear. The guarantee does not apply to tuning, regulation or routine adjustments.  Silent pianos, player pianos and electronic items have a 1 year warranty on the electronic equipment.

Please note that new pianos may require an increased amount of care, tuning and regulation in the first 2 years, which will result later in better tuning stability and consistency.

Your piano should be tuned by a qualified tuner twice a year. Do not place your piano in direct sunlight or near to a radiator or any other forms of direct heat. Do not expose your piano to extreme changes in temperature. Humidity and dry air can be especially harmful.

Warranty is not transferable. Tune to A=440Hz. Second-hand instruments come with a 1 year guarantee from Robert Morley & Co. Ltd. We offer a no charge tuning on all instruments if required and requested after delivery within 30 days of its arrival in the home.

All new pianos are designed and made to withstand varying temperature and humidity within the home, however for the best results and minimum maintenance, excesses of humidity and temperature should be avoided as far as possible. Consideration and care shown to an instrument is always rewarded by improved mechanical performance, stability of tuning and beauty of tone. As a general rule instruments require the same environmental conditions as their owners i.e. 65-75 degrees F and relative humidity between 35-60% and clean air.

Underfloor heating can be a particular problem for upright pianos, if it is possible to have a void area this is best particularly with older piano however if this is not possible please see "Piano Carpet" for protection from underfloor heating as well as extra soundproofing through floors and resistance from damp.  We offer 2 standard upright piano sizes usually available in black or beige or for larger upright pianos or grand piano please supply sizes so we can check options and prices for you.

Robert Morley & Co. Ltd. are Authorised Main Dealers for

Choose from a selection of options which can be fitted to your existing piano or choose a new piano and have it supplied pre fitted. PianoDisc ® - Player Piano Systems - Enjoy the sound of music on a real piano at the touch of a button. Visit: www.pianodisc.com

Your piano can be pre programmed to play for hours as background music for a quiet night in or to dance and socialise to when your friends visit or you have a party. Music to satisfy everyones taste, choose from musicals, classical, popular, jukebox favourites, candlelight & wine, country western, ragtime/stride, musical memories, artist series, jazz, sacred, new age, Christmas, theme series or samplers.

QuietTime ® - Magic Star ©
The silent and midi-system for grand and upright pianos offer the best of both worlds, play your piano normally during the day or at night silence the audible sound and hear it through headphones, even play whilst others sleep !

Bechsteins Vario HDS Digital Mute System (Silent Piano System) is available as an accessory to order with any new C. Bechstein, Bechstein or W. Hoffmann upright or Grand piano, designed by Bechsteins for Bechsteins.  Exclusively for all Bechstein Brands and Models

This module was developed with and for Bechstein, it is manufactured in Germany, a real Bechstein Vario, exclusive and innovative. Your benefits: best possible dynamics, elegant, unobtrusive appearance, good and easy operation.  Ask for more details or go to www.bechstein.com for full information and view the You Tube presentation.