Antique Early Keyboard Instruments

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  • Garcka Antique Square Piano Mahogany Inlaid Case

    Garcka Antique Square Piano Mahogany Inlaid Case

    George Garcka square piano in mahgoany with inlaid case, satinwood inlaid nameboard with inlaid "Adam" swags, highly original "French" stand c1783-1792 interesting example of pedal registration with buff, damper lift and swell. F to F 5 octave. Tuned to A=415Hz Baroque - not suitable for modern pitch. ♫
Antique Early Keyboard Instruments will include square pianos, fortepianos, harpsichords, spinets, clavichords, grand pianos and upright pianos over a hundred years old. The compass will vary dependent on the individual instrument from 4 octaves to 7 octaves (85 notes). Some instruments being lightly and conservatively restored and others will involve more major repairs and renovations.