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An antique musical instrument is required in the UK and by the BADA to be over a hundred years old, however to some, including on occasions the US and the UK Revenue, Customs and Excise it might be over 75 or 50 years old. For our purposes we are setting the limit at 100 years as it should be otherwise items could be described as vintage, classic or modern.
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Sconces - Antique Brass Sweetheart Piano Candle Sconces

Antique brass sweetheart candle sconces for upright pianos or can be used as wall lights c1920

Music Canterbury 3 section

Music Canterbury in mahogany finish with 3 sections. c1980's reproduction (might be a bit earlier or later) with brass handles raised on wheels

Garcka Antique Square Piano Mahogany Inlaid Case

George Garcka square piano in mahgoany with inlaid case, satinwood inlaid nameboard with inlaid "Adam" swags, highly original "French" stand c1783-1792 interesting example of pedal registration with buff, damper lift and swell. F to F 5 octave. Tuned to A=415Hz Baroque - not suitable for modern pitch.  

Erard Gothic Concert Harp Maple and Gold c1850

Erard, Paris Gothic Harp Maple and Gold c1850. This instrument is being sold as a decorative item not a playing instrument.