Castor Cups Clear Plastic Medium

Clear plastic castor cup. 7cm outside measurement / approximately 6.1cm inside measurement. £6.63 each.

Clear plastic castor cup - Medium
7cm outside measurement / approximately 6.1cm inside measurement

£6.63 each - Sold individually - Can be bought in sets of 3, 4 or more as required

Castor cups are used under the wheels of grand and upright pianos to protect your floor or carpet by spreading the weight over a larger area.  We offer a range of other castor cup sizes in black, brown and clear plastic, black rubber and black, laurel and oak wood.  These can also be used under heavy pieces of furniture like sofas, bookcases and display cabinets.


7.00cm wide   7.00cm high   1.20cm deep
(2.76 inches wide  2.76 inches high  0.47 inches deep)

MPN H-154L
Height 1.25cm
Width 7cm
Depth 7cm
Weight 0.1kg