Piano For Beginners

When choosing a piano for a beginner or someone who has not played for many years there are 4 things to keep in mind :

  • Does it sound good ? Any piano should be pleasing to the ear and must come up to modern concert pitch, this is particularly important for children beginning to learn as an out of tune piano can ruin their sense of pitch for the future. Pianos should be a modern concert pitch A440 / C523.3
  • Does it have a nice touch and is it pleasing to play without stress and muscle tension, easy to play both piano and forté (quiet and loud), not too heavy or hard to control or too light such that it “runs away” from the player ? Children must have a piano with a standard touch weight to practice on if they are not to be put off especially when they have to play other pianos at Festivals or music exams.
  • Does the piano look right ? If a piano looks too large or ridiculously small for the room or hall in which it is used it is most unlikely that it will be able to provide a good pleasing tone and volume balance. Does the casework and style blend or match in with its surroundings and other furniture ? It has to look right from the beginning, it will not get better, remember the default choice is black, the colour most people associate with a concert piano
  • The right price ? Quality usually costs more that we like hence the old saying “the quality remains long after the price is forgotten”. Good materials and craftsmanship, excellent design and construction are all necessary to provide a good piano. We provide the lowest price we can consistent with providing the quality of instrument and also importantly the full servicing and preparation which is essential and which is required to satisfy our customers quite reasonable expectations.

We stock a wide selection of makes and models to suit children or adults beginning the piano or those returning, a good starting point is the Ritmuller range which comes in a selection of sizes, styles and finishes starting with the 112 modern, 110, 115 and 118 traditional.

112 Modern

Height 113cm

Width 146cm

Depth 60cm

Weight 249kg

110 traditional

Height 111cm

Width 148cm

Depth 59 cm

Weight 211kg

118 Delux Traditional

Height 118cm

Width 148cm

Depth 60cm

Weight 225kg

For example

New Ritmuller 112 modern upright pianos in black polished starts from £3,399.00 and New Ritmuller 110cm traditional upright pianos in black polished start at £3,699.00 these are also available on our home rental scheme.

Initial payment on our home rental scheme includes delivery to a ground floor location in London (with ex-rental models subject to availability in a range of ages, finishes and prices).

Home rental / hire : New Ritmuller 112 modern upright piano in black polished is £75.00 per month with a payment due before delivery of £385.00
or a selection pianos available from around £40.00 per month for an ex-rental or second hand upright piano with payment due before delivery of £280.00 (payment due before delivery on rental includes delivery & collection to a ground floor location in London, first month rental and setup / admin charge)

see Rental / Hire : Home Terms and Conditions apply

Many other makes, models and styles are available, if we do not have what you are looking for shown please do call us as stock changes and we may just have received the perfect piano for you.

Remember to some a piano may be forever but should you decide to upgrade in the future we would be happy to talk to you about part exchange.