Rental/ Hire : School

For schools and other establishments – Prices on application subject to your requirements

New 88 note, 3 pedal upright and grand pianos would be supplied on appropriate safety wheels, prices would be based on 3 year fixed price contract excluding any changes in VAT. Payment would be monthly by standing order or yearly in advance as required with an invoice supplied at the start of each year. Transport in and out would be chargeable in advance. At the end of the 3 years prices would be reviewed and piano will be changed as required subject to our tuners report.

School rental prices can be supplied with or without tuning contracts, including tuning could be once a year or once a term as required and specified at the commencement of rental. Tuning contracts exclude any broken strings and replacement parts which would be chargeable.

Rental customers are required to insure the instrument (piano or early keyboard instrument) plus stool that they rent for the full retail price as shown on their rental agreement. This is against all risk. Insurance is not included in the rental agreement.

All rental contracts must be completed and signed at Robert Morley & Co. Ltd. premises in Lewisham, London by a suitably authorised person from the school.