Silent Play Systems

Ritmuller 110cm traditional upright piano with Genio Silent System

Ritmuller offer a factory fitted Genio Silent System option on the Comfort 110cm small traditional upright piano in black polished finish which is very affordable

The system is installed during construction resulting in lower cost due to economy of scale and high manufacturing quality control.

For sale only - not available on our home rental scheme.

C. Bechstein Vario Digital System & Vario App

Muting system for grand and upright pianos – The C. Bechstein Vario digital system enables you to play around the clock with headphones on. The Vario app for Apple iOS connects your acoustic piano to the digital world.

The C. Bechstein Vario digital mute transforms your acoustic piano into a digital instrument with the sound of a Bechstein and enables you to play without disturbing others.

The C. Bechstein Vario digital mute doubles your pleasure when you play your acoustic piano so you can play day or night. 

This silent system was developed especially for the new upright and grand pianos of the Bechstein group including C. Bechstein and W. Hoffmann. All models in the current range of the C. Bechstein and W. Hoffmann can be ordered direct from the factory to include the Vario silent system.

For more information on this system go to : Bechstein Vario Digital System

Choose the model of Bechstein or W. Hoffmann you prefer and have one made for you with factory fitted C. Bechstein Vario Digital Silent System.

Cost : Price of piano plus £2,620.00 on upright pianos or £5,900.00 on grand pianos for Bechstein Vario HSD Silent system factory fitted.  All prices are non binding recommendations in sterling including UK 20% VAT.  Models subject to technological change and dimensional adjustments.


Grotrian-Steinweg offer the Yamaha Silent system as a factory fitted option on all GROTRIAN acoustic digital pianos. A special silent rail is fitted in the action to separate the action from the acoustical system. The silent mode is activated by a small hand-lever beneath the keyboard.

The sampling is executed by an optical system which is mounted under the keys. This means there is no mechanical connection and thereby no change in the levers of the action. Finally the touch of a GROTRIAN is not influenced by the Silent-system.  The optically generated signals get digitalised and are then processed into MIDI. The control unit contains AUX, USB and MIDI connection.

Only Grotrian installs the Silent System so that it can, if required, be completely removed. Neither the installation nor the removal damages other components of the instrument, for example the soundboard.

Quiet Time Magic Star Silent Piano

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The silent and midi-system for grand and upright pianos offer the best of both worlds, play your piano normally during the day or at night silence the audible sound and hear it through headphones, even play whilst others sleep !

Retrofitting : Silent Piano and Player systems need to be fitted to new pianos or perfectly regulated modern pianos for best results.

New versions of the Silent System and Player Piano Systems may become available and offer better options which we may suggest in future if appropriate.